Signs of a crush


  1. Beforehand you thought they were just ok but now they’re actually beautiful to you
  2. You think about how your names will look together
  3. You ask yourself profound questions like how would he get on with your parents
  4. You’re watching porn and at the money shot they pop into your head
  5. You’re willing to overlook the fact that they barely know you exist
  6. You find nearly everything they say funny, cute or extremely deep
  7. Random pop songs remind you of them
  8. You imagine them saying really intelligent things and you nodding sagely when really they’re superficial.
  9. You check their Facebook page every once in a while (5 times a day) even though they rarely update it
  10. You finally have that other person in your wedding fantasies and it doesn’t look half bad.
  11. The thought of them crushing on you back freaks you out and would ruin the crush
  12. You spend an inordinate amount of time talking to them ….in your head

Happy crushing!

© Chelsea Black



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