Signs of a deadbeat

A -Sexy: D is for deadbeats part 2. Part 1 is here

So, some clues that he has deadbeat leanings?

1)      He’s always late because something came up last minute. How this guy has such a busy life when he’s currently not working is a cause for concern but also a  regularly used con.

2)      It’s never his fault. Someone else is responsible for the bad things that happen in his life.

3)      He lies before he tells the truth even if the truth is nothing to hide. It’s an automatic reaction to being asked a question.

4)      He knows too many people and too many of them don’t speak to him anymore.

5)      He’s the youngest child, spoiled, only son and used to people doing things for him. That now includes you.

6)      Pay as you go is a way of life especially if someone else is paying for his credit.

7)      He never takes you out but knows all the freeness that is available on line.

8)      He is very familiar with the benefits system and all its loopholes but has never ever worked for the council or a sub-contractor. Tuesdays are a good day.

9)      He talks about his future like it’s a place he has never visited. I have no problem with someone who has stumbled and is finding their way back to normality or their life path but this one has never even visited normality or a goal!

10)   He tells you that he’s going to be rich and famous one day but he is a 30 something year old rapper who is never in the studio or writing just hoping that one of his friends will give him the hookup. He can tell you who was on Loose women though

11)   He knows a lot of people who have made it but they don’t really talk to him anymore unless it’s to ask for that £100 they loaned him in 1999.

12)   His current situation is only temporary but has been temporary for more than a 12 month period. Try 5 or 6 years of crashing at his sister’s house who is 5 years younger than him.

13)   There are parts of his history that don’t add up. Take a piece of paper and map a timeline of all the places he says that he’s been and when including work, relationship and education. Spot some gaps? Thought so. That’s either time spent in jail, a cult or on the couch smoking.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you my precious. Let’s be clear the only deadbeat allowed in a relationship is the mother of 2 or 3 who has put in an 18 hour date and is tired. Anything else has to go.

be deadbeat free my precious. It’s the only way to maintain your sanity.

© Chelsea Black

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