She’s a doll

A-Sexy: D is for Dolls

We talked about the blow up doll but there is another doll that is much more worrying in my view. That of the real life doll that apparently more and more men are purchasing. And you wonder why you are in a dating recession? He doesn’t need you when he has a woman that will lie there and take whatever depravities he chooses to bless her with. Some just use it to cuddle with admittedly but some, well we will never know. Me, I think the money would be much better spent on a make over and a Sandals holiday where you are more likely to get some but I get it. Real women nag, we complain that you smell or that you aren’t doing it properly, we look at your body and we shake our heads sadly before shrugging and thinking ‘oh well, I’m here now, may as well make the most of it.’ You just don’t want the hassle

I know that the adult pillow is also becoming more popular as post breakup some find it hard to sleep alone and that some men have gotten addicted to their pillows and even name them. It’s the same with these dolls. They are custom made, get delivered in a crate and are live size. Women normally have dolls on hen nights or as deterrents when they are driving alone at night. I personally don’t think these deterrents work. A man silently sitting there whilst you drive without telling you what to do would raise more suspicion, right?

But back to the dolls and sex: I think we have to accept that the doll has its purpose in the lives of those who are getting over the loss of a loved one or those who are sexually inept but if you ever, ever find one in the wardrobe of one of your current partners then you know what to do right? Yes, grab that purse and run. No conversation is going to take that image out of your mind. Even if he tries to convince you he bought it to keep him company.

© Chelsea Black

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