No sex, lies and rinsing guys part 3

Signs of an amateur rinser part 3

There are signs

It’s a thin line between being a rinser and a woman trying to work out what a guy is worth. Security is important after all. The difference I guess is that one will get sex and the other wont. I still don’t buy this no sex line unless they are a mini celebrity but I digress.

Now I know some rinsers. Not like the ones on last night’s show no because most of the ones I know have style. But there are the ones you spot on the nights out who have clear rinser written on them.  These are not the professional rinsers who are with wealthy men and there is a very openly secret view of what is expected of both parties. These women work alone and with discretion. They are your concubines, the mistresses, the other woman who knows how to play her role.

No these are the ones you will find hunting in packs on a night out looking for some idiot to take pity on them. So in a rare blog for those men who wouldn’t want to be victim to this art here are the warning signs. Don’t ever say I don’t look out for you.

How to spot a rinser
  1. She looks expensively put together but in a cheap way. There are few ways to make lycra look classier than it is. Normally she will have on more jewellery and less clothing. Her accessories are ostentatious.
  2. When you meet her she expects you to buy a drink. If she’s with friends she’ll expect that you buy for them as well and, despite the fact they were drinking coke before they go for the most expensive bottle of champagne there even though it tastes rank.
  3. When she is looking at a menu she goes straight to the more expensive items even if she doesn’t know how to pronounce it. If you suspect she is a rinser take her to a French restaurant.
  4. She is constantly on her phone. Apparently this is a critical part of being a rinser. You must be accessible at all times to the rest of your adoring fans even if you are on a date with others
  5. You is overly interested in your job and income. A passing interest is fine yes but any more in the first meeting is a bit much.
  6. She friend zones you immediately and yet initiates contact so feigning interest. Yes in your wallet but not in you dear.
  7. You tweets about shopping constantly and posts pictures of things she wants and yet isn’t a buyer for a major brand or a shopaholic.
  8. She will drop you if you suggest going dutch on a meal or not buying her what she NEEDS
  9. She will tell you how she’s struggling to make ends meet at the moment but never ever ask for a loan.
  10. Are you the one in your group that never really gets female attention and yet suddenly she is targeting you hard? Yes you’ve been hit as potentially insecure enough to fall for it.

Of course if you look showering women with gifts then do you Pookie (and if you are fit call me) but if not then when you see these women, tap your wallets and run!

And we wonder why some guys are bitter. Happy rinsing!

© Chelsea Black

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