Seven signs of Cheating

Seven signs of cheating 

Cheating is back! This is for those who are in a relationship and their spidey senses are telling them that all isn’t well in their relationships. This is a quick blog on seven signs of cheating. There are others and there are ways to gather evidence which we’ll look at next time. Obviously this is for physical cheating as emotional cheating can be harder to detect but, let’s start with the signs

1. Secret Squirrel

 If your partner becomes unusually secretive and starts guarding their phone, computer, or personal belongings more than usual, it could be a sign that they’re hiding something, including evidence of infidelity. I don’t have a password on my phone but some things shouldn’t be shared like work emails. But if you are used to them being able to shower without their phone then, something is up! Also if where they put their stuff changes i.e. in the car instead of bringing it indoors. 

2. Can I get a hug? 

Cheating often causes a shift in emotional and physical intimacy within a relationship. If your partner suddenly becomes distant, shows a lack of interest in spending time together, or displays a significant decline in affectionate behavior, it could be a red flag. However increased intimacy can also be a sign of cheating as they try to assuage their guilt with more cuddles and sex. Women will often increase intimacy especially if they’re having sex with multiple partners. Makes sense if you’re not using condoms. 

3. Suspicious minds

Look out for changes in your partner’s routines, such as working late frequently, sudden social engagements without a reasonable explanation, or unaccounted-for time periods. These shifts in behavior can indicate they’re spending time with someone else. There’s only so many after work functions that are likely. If they’ve started a new job, be particularly on it as people  tend to flirt more in new spaces. Business trips are another one. Unless they’ve suddenly got a promotion to a regional or global job then chances are this is a cover. 

4. Money matters

 Cheating may involve spending money on dates, gifts, or other activities related to the affair. If you notice unexplained financial changes, such as unfamiliar charges on credit card statements or missing money, it might be worth investigating further. I’m not sure how successfully this one would be as I believe in completely separate finances but quite often they start buying new underwear and clothes and scents (see 6) so I’m thinking this will be easier than catching them Whitney Houston style 

Friday night you and your boys went out to eat, uhhh

Then they hung out

But you came home around three, yes you did

If six of y’all went out, ah

Then four of you were really cheap, yeah

Cause only two of you had dinner

I found your credit card receipt

5. Gut instincts and that tingle 

Trust your intuition and spidey senses. They are rarely wrong. If you have a persistent feeling that something is off in your relationship, it’s worth paying attention to. Significant changes in your partner’s behavior, mood swings, or unexplained irritability can be signs of infidelity. Check that it’s not hormonal though. 

6. The sniff test 

If the cheating has become physical then, you can smell a cheater. Why? Because they start showering more (one would hope) often smell of someone else’s perfume or eau de toilette, and they take more pride in their hygiene. It’s sad to think that when someone is in a committed relationship they let themselves go a bit. One obvious sign is changed underwear. Check gym bags for more than one pair of boxers / underwear etc, They will often also change their scent. I don’t know if this is gifts or they like different scents for different people but yes. Look out for the change in smell. 

7. Hello Old friends 

Names coming up subtly are a clear sign. These may be new but, most people are lazy cheaters and will go with people that they know so if they suddenly start bringing up High School friends or ex colleagues then this is suspicious 

Of course the person may JUST decide to improve themselves and this is all a little circumstantial but, nah, very likely they’re in the honeymoon or giddy crush phase of something new! Those are your seven signs of cheating. Now all you need to do is  gather evidence so that you don’t come off as cray cray. That will be the next blog. 

Happy sleuthing! 

© Chelsea Black ® 2023 

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