Saturday night in

There is this myth that being at home on a Saturday shows that you don’t have a social life. That you have failed as a dater.  I rebuke this as quiet often I’m out 3 times in the week. I blame that desperate ITV nonssaturday night inense ‘Take me out’ for making Saturdays in feel like a sin. I actually used to live for Saturday evening TV. It was much better than weekday shows. Now I dread to think what aside from Ant and Dec is on there.

My Saturdays are precious and reserved for very special occasions like running out of knickers or needing to catch up on youtube series. If I don’t have a date with a man that’s ok. I can make a single date out of very little. So here’s a quickie list of alternative things to do on a Saturday night in.


Well you know that it didn’t get done in the day because you were busy gallivanting around the markets and charity shops. This is the time for you to be a step ahead for theweek and get that pesky laundry done. I’m not suggesting ironing as that is a step too far and like me you may not be able to find the iron. Just wash and hang should do it. It makes the house smell nice. (fabric softner dependent of course

Internet catch up

I can’t with those 3o question quizzes that will tell me which Game of Thrones character I am. Just do your Myers Briggs and be done with it. You know who you are. But there are the odd quizzes like which celebrity couple you would be and which Anne of Green Gables character you are that are irresistible. I also have about 5 blogs to catch up on. The week goes quickly and I haven’t come to terms with wifi on the tube. Saturday nights are great for catching up on the virtual life and all of those LOL moments you missed.


Always complaining about not having time to work on that pesky novel? Well there’s no time like a Saturday night when you don’t have to be up early on a Sunday. Think you can stay up late and not have to worry about a hangover…unless a glass of wine is an inspirational tool you use to get through each pain. Then it could be messy.

Call a friend

You’re not the only one home alone. Call a friend but not an ex and have that long overdue catchup on life, loves and laughter. You don’t want to be the one that only ever calls people when something is wrong. Whatsapp and FB are great but there’s so much you miss apart from photos.


This isn’t for me becsaturday night in 2ause all of my books, CDs, DVDs and clothes are precious children that can’t ever leave me but for some of you with loads of junk this is the time for you to really have a good clear out. Good luck with it and ,maybe don’t try to watch, read or try on everything you’re getting rid of. Be ruthless

Update dating profiles

You know that the plenty of fish, tinder, etc profile needs a refresh. This is the prefect time to get that just been summer body picture onto the site and increase your chances of getting winked at. Yes this is the reality of the online date. They wink or tell you that they’d like to meet but don’t do much more. Saturday night is horny night however so you might get lucky and get one who’s really horny aka proactive.

That’s it. Don’t ever think of a Saturday night in as wasted again. If all else fails order in a take away and break out a really soppy romance. Nothing beats tears and carbs to make you feel good about yourself.

© Chelsea Black

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