Rough sex guide part 2

Rough sex guide part 2.

Oh, so sometimes rough sex can be because he doesn’t know any better, he’s young, he doesn’t respect women in general or, you are into it. Whatever your reasons I seriously think health and safety is critical to minimising internal and external injuries. You only have one body my precious and, apparently it’s your job to protect it because there are no guarantees that he will. So a short Health and Safety Guide.


So many see lube as something used just for anal sex. No, this is a girls best friend. Firstly spermicides on condoms can be drying at the best of times but more so when the sex is rough. Alcohol also dehydrates you so no matter how turned on you are you will need this. Rough sex means condoms are more likely to tear. Do not double up on them, as some guys do, as the friction between the two increases chances of tears. Lube up in between positions making sure to be generous. Don’t skimp. I carry some in my purse but be careful not to leave it behind and be resentful. (Mr Nollywood I’m still vexed that I left my fave lube at your house)

Lube is a great massage oil too (especially silicon based) so, lube up!


Ok fingering, fisting etc are all well and good but few take the precautionary glove method so please ask them to wash their hands. Bacterium are so easily transferred to women and why or why when he’s just been eating chicken wings? (Again lube is your friend here.) Some insist on treating their hands like a gun and shooting you repeatedly with it. Yes, those guys still exist. I would love everyone to wear surgical gloves but so hard to bring up on a one night stand. Beware the ardent 007 fans.


If your hair is off limits then please state this clearly at the beginning. There’s nothing like a wig coming off mid play to ruin proceedings. Also when she says she has a headache this could be code for don’t touch the hair I just got it done. Surely you can rough sex without pulling on her hair like she’s a bucking bronco? I just think hair pulling is a headache waiting to happen. That’s why I shave mine.

Holding on

So there are two things you can hold onto; furniture or him. I suggest that if you don’t want to feel like a rag doll you hold onto some furniture. Then again holding onto him will mean he bears the weight of his rough sex and possibly adapts to accommodate. If he’s a gym bunny don’t bother. He’ll only see it as a training session. Play with both but don’t let go. You could end up in another part of the room.

If you love that dress then remove it because he may decide to hold onto that. You can replace a man but never your favourite dress. Wait, that’s not right is it?


I hate men who come into my bed and throw my pillows and duvet onto the floor cos they get too hot. Hello, pillows are what will keep me from banging my head against the bed railings or wall. The pillow is your friend my precious.


Ok so positions such as missionary with your legs down are safer and less injury prone. The back is a good instrument. On your heels or on all fours less is so. On top is ok as long as you’re not squatting precariously. Just think the more of you is on a surface the better. Don’t forget the pillows. I’m obsessed.

First Aid Kit

You’ll need it. Cuts and ankles don’t just heal themselves

Code words.

Some people have them. They work as in most slow down but then if you have to keep saying it maybe it’s not working. I swear some think this is a sign that they are doing something right!


If he is still being too rough then halt proceedings. Never be afraid to calmly ask him to leave if he doesn’t heed your warnings. No sex is worth it. Trust.

Happy rough sex everyone

© Chelsea Black

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