Photo faux pas part 3

F is for Photo Faux pas part 3

So here is the thing. I know that the photo is our brand and calling card and so with this photo we want to say all of the things we can’t put into words. Some people’s photos say I want you to shag me baby (aka the fish pout, breasts out) whilst their profile say that they are looking for that perfect guy who will go on long walks and is religious.

Ladies, please I beg you let’s not confuse the men. They are confused enough as it is as they have so many profiles to choose from. And aren’t we all luscious lovelies in our own sweet way. Some of us just aren’t as photogenic. Let’s work with what we’ve got and not sell the sex unless we want those that want sex (that’s a short blog- post a photo of your best asset and stand back for the onslaught)

That said men get it wrong sometimes too. I’m going to suggest you don’t wear all of your best clothes despite whether they match or not. I’m going to suggest you don’t post a picture of a car that isn’t yours and you could never afford. I learned yesterday that pinterest is an easy tool for those that want to visualise their dreams. Not a dating site. PLEASE !!

The other thing is that clothes do maketh the man or woman. Ill fitting, so many seasons back that it’s old without being retro or just plain ugly must be avoided at all costs. I look at it like this, does FuHu want to see that picture and proudly show it to others and say, THAT’S her! That’s the woman I want to marry? Or does he look and say check out the jugs on that! (this has never happened to me thankfully as my jugs aren’t full)

I’m not suggesting women pose in a wedding dress or get those soft Samantha Brick blurry 80s lens ones either…I know it’s tempting to skip a few stages but don’t scare them.

I’m saying keep it real but put your best images forward. Judging from this photo there is such a thing as keeping it too real though right?

Right I’m off to practise my pout.

© Chelsea Black

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