Patience – a 5 minute poem

No this isn’t about a favourite song from Take That

Oh another poem about me fighting the fat

Patience is a virtue I never understood

Apparently you need to possess it to be deemed to be good?

But all my life I have only ever wanted to be bad

To drink, to fuck , to test lady luck and just be like a lad

But for this man…..I must wait

I will wait for him to lead me in this dance we call dating

It pains me to do so but I see the plus in waiting

See, you know the steps to being in love with you

You know how fast and slow we’re going to move.

I only know that I’m ready and wearing my favourite heels

All in the vain hope that one day you’ll kneel

So I’m letting go and letting you lead

I’m giving you all the space you purport to need

But know that whilst I exercise patience as a new skill

I am duty bound to seek other thrills

I know you understand

Too many fine men in this fair land.


© Chelsea Black

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