On Married Men


Those that know me know that I’m a huge Kahlil Gibran fan. The Prophet especially as sung by Sweet Honey on the rocks stirs me every time. But there is something that stirs me even more and that’s married men . Hence the title for those that were wondering where I was going. He does a whole bit On Love, On children etc.

On Children – Sweet Honey on the Rocks

How did I discover Gibran you ask? A married guy introduced me to him in an attempt to woo me with poetry. I lost him and kept the poetry. So not a complete waste of time I guess


So my thing is this. I know you are married. You know that I know. And so you can flirt and be sexual in a way that’s obvious and yet seems innocent. Don’t think I don’t see through you.

Married men are the most evil of timewasters because you are both aware that he isn’t going to leave his wife. Instead he just wants his ego stroked by someone he has no real responsibility for. He knows that he can emotionally connect with women now as he has had the opportunity to study the female form at close range. He knows that compliments work and being polite will win him a smile. He knows that as a single woman you are constantly looking and he THINKS falsely that his being married makes him a better calibre of man.

It may seem to. A married man knows how to cater to the female insecurities. But the fact that you can flirt no matter how surreptitiously with your Mrs in the same space makes you despicable.  So married men don’t think you are being clever. Know that karma is a bitch and that for every single woman you flirt with your wife will punish you. She is a woman so she sees it all too.

Oh and because I told her in the bathroom that you were an incorrigible flirt and gave me your number. Hope you’re enjoying the couch!

OK this time I didn’t but next time know that I will.

©Chelsea Black

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