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A is for Angry Sex  part 1

There are two types of Angry sex.

The first is the makeup sex or ‘we are still technically fighting’ angry sex which we have in relationships. You’ve both said I’m sorry even though it’s entirely his fault (yeah I said it, sue me) and you decide to have sex to prove to the other person that all is forgiven. Because for some reason we think that intimacy is as good as a hand shake. I swear some men fuck up just to have makeup sex.

This is better than the over used sulking method that some men adopt. Or the passive aggressive “Nothing’s wrong!” stance that some women take. I have had sulking exes and nothing turns a woman off more than a man that sulks when he’s angry or upset. And not being clear that you’re pissed off as women for fear that he’ll accuse you of nagging isn’t the one either. You’re a woman, you will nag. Let’s accept this and move on please.

But the fight is not really over yet. The anger is still there in the air and energy can’t be created or destroyed it simply changes form. Some clever man said that. One or other of you are still pissed off because once again he forgot something that he should have remembered. (oops, did I just blame him again! My bad) So it turns into an 80s style wrestling match between Big Daddy and the Giant Haystack. There is nothing pretty and WWE about this sex. It’s going to get messy. But here is the thing: There’s a thin line between taking out your frustration of the argument on your partner and being an arsehole. Be a man, let her win a round or two to show that you’ve really forgiven her. Unless she is stronger than you in which case, make it look like you’re letting her win. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

My advice is don’t ever sleep on an argument. There is nothing worse than a subconscious reflex kick in the shins when you’ve been arguing to spark the argument even further.  Talk about it and then angry sex that energy away. Then move on to the next one. Like why he can’t seem to remember that you don’t eat onions or what you wore on your first date 3 years ago. These my precious are the important things in life.

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