My Toxic Relationship with Facebook

My Toxic Relationship with Facebook  

Facebook Jail

 So I was in Facebook Jail, again. This time for 3 days which is a nonsense because the charge? Being sexist against women. And so

This is a robotically detected infraction taken out of context and certainly not sexist. But I’ve broken the rules as I responded to a point about relationships with the statement ‘Women are the worst’ when they’re in a relationship as they disappear and only appear when they’re having problems. This was against Community Standards? Makes ZERO sense. And the last infractions were their error when they were trying to set anti white measures in their algorithms. Nonsense

Black or Feminist?

Then on another facebook account I was told I couldn’t post about black economics. Can we address the black elephant in the room please? Facebook has us all in different groups depending on the risk we pose to their political position and sensibilities. To be fair, I think mine is based on my inability to stop dissing men but , there are some others where I know they’re not being shown for days in the vain hope that nobody notices that once again she’s ranting about justice and equality. How DARE she?

Covid Cover

They recently used their powers of censorship for good as they warned those who were spreading Covid Conspiracy theories not to. And yet, during this time I’ve seen more and more non black rants on Facebook. Somehow these are getting through as the well being and Mental Health of women (this means white women only) is of paramount importance. How can this be?

Toxic Bubble

Knowing that the system is again you and doing something about it are hard to manage. I would miss the jokes and relationships that I’ve made and maintained through Facebook. I’ve even managed to score dates from FB in the early days. Mainly old acquaintances but still, how else would they find you. I hate the censorship especially when we know that right wing posts are liberally (no pun allowed)

And so it is with a sad face that I admit that I’m in a toxic relationship with Facebook. In the words of Jack Twist (Brokeback Mountain) I wish I knew how to quit you. But until social media progresses into a more woke and equal platform again we are stuck, here, ranting at lunchtime.

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