My Sunday night in with eHarmony

Short and sweet as my bath is running and I have to get into sea moss stress relieving hydro soak.  As I write this blog I’m sipping on some Hans Sloane drinking chocolate and eating Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles. Why, you ask yourself? Because this was what we singletinis are meant to do on a Sunday night. None of that old school ironing shirts or preparing food for the week. Instead I’m pampering myself and enjoying those last few hours before the nonsense that is the working week starts again. Normally I’d just be sitting on facebook contemplating cleaning but realising that it’s only a few days until the next weekend so, why ruin that? But tonight I’ve got company.

As many of you know I’ve been gifted a care package from eHarmony. I think they give it to dedicated daters who, despite evidence to the contrary won’t give up. I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought about it. Dating gets really old really quickly when you are on a bad luck streak. From crackheads to guys who may actually want to date my Mother not me it’s been a lean year of not 20141123_234719very many opportunities. There is also only so much stalking I’m willing to do in this weather. I’m no longer hanging around poetry readings and jazz bars hoping to bump into that no good artist who is looking for someone to sponsor their next meal. My middle name isn’t Barclays.

But I digress. I was happy to get anything in the post but this was big. As a size queen this pleased me. The nice lady at eHarmony explained to me that the loneliest day of the week is Sunday. I thought about this and realised I probably find Saturday without plans more lonely but, we are all different and I have a group of friends who always seems to be getting engaged, new jobs, babies etc so my weekends are pretty busy. But, I can imagine after a weekend of no calls except from family Sunday might seem long and lonely. So what did they give me to combat this loneliness? GOODIES! There are the smellies and the edible treats and, a VIP membership to eHarmony (which I’m passing onto Mama Black. She’s got a much higher success rate than me). I can only imagine that a night of online dating after a relaxing bath makes more feel like they’re doing something but, I’d save it for the weekdays. We all need something t20141123_234703o do during our work lunchtimes.

The to do lists book (My future listography) is so perfect a gift that I’m going to buy them for everyone I know. I love a book of random lists.

Ok that’s it. I’ve got to get on with this bath. I may never come out. If I’m not back in an hour come find me. I’ll be the one covered in bubbles of sea moss. Chocolate and bubbles. My bliss. Now I just someone to massage me afterwards. *Lights Wild Jasmine candle* Hmmmm, maybe I should keep the VIP membership for myself? Over and Out*

© Chelsea Black

PS. There’s a special promocode. CHELSEABLACK if anyone fancies trying eHarmony with a big discount, the code is a 3 month membership for £14.85 a month.