My New Year’s Wish

New Year’s Wishes

Hopefully yowish4u have fully recovered from your NYE antics and are ready to start the year ahead. I wanted to take a moment to talk about resolutions.

Let’s face it, resolutions can only work if they involve you and nobody else. Losing weight is an easy one to achieve but finding a better job or dating more is less in your control. Additionally resolutions are hard to keep. You fall off that gym membership wagon and before you know it you are reading the Ts and Cs to see how you can cancel it….in February.

For the last two years I’ve resolved to date more. An active means of finding FuHu (Future Husband). What has inadvertently happened is that my standards have gotten higher and I ended up dating less. I had one date in 2014 and two in 2015. These are not great stats an yet, all three men have taught me some valwish2uable lessons.

  • If you suspect him of lying or cheating don’t wait for evidence. Just trust your instincts and keep it moving.
  • If the sex is bad and there is no evidence that it will improve, leave. Nobody needs to take that kind of emotional trauma
  • If he can’t keep time, appointments, dates then chances are he’s a wasteman. Again, grab that purse and run. You aren’t here how to teach grown men how to respect your time. That was his parents’ job.
  • If he ignores your emails then, he’s not interested. Move on my precious.

I’m not saying men can’t change. They can. If they want to. And normally only when they are ready. You can’t make them do it any sooner. Stubborn

I wish you a year when a man tells you something nice then actually follows it up with actions that match.

I wish you a year where you find a man that compliments your life instead of making you think you have to sawish3crifice your fabulosity.

I wish you a year where you get to wear those delicious clothes you’ve been hiding at the back of the wardrobe because you are waiting for a special occasion.

So, I wish you a year of dating better. Of enjoying dating again instead of seeing it as a chore. Where dating compliments your lifestyle and you meet men that know how to behave.

Happy new year my precious x

© Chelsea Black 2016


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