Mr Handsome part 3

Mr Handomse Part 3

So I get back from my morning waddle and I see a perplexing message on my whatsapp. I am yet to save Mr Handsome’s number on my phone but, now with this whatsapp message at least I have a photo of said handsome dude!

flat capAt this point I should point out that he’s not ugly. He’s ok. He’s like a 6.5. But any man in a flat cap always raises suspicion and I do remember that he had a decidedly unique shaped head. And wasn’t that the same flat cap he wore the one time I met him? Can one be considered handsome when only wearing the one hat? Answers on a postcard. ( And the image is not him. Trust me, I would not be sharing)

But why has he sent me a Birthday Cake? Why?

First of all look at it. This guy doesn’t know me. This is too chintzy for me.  We haven’t had any sweet moments. All we do is argue. This looks like something you would give your Auntie or Granny.

IMG-20130925-WA0000Secondly, it’s not my birthday for another 7 months. I’m all for getting a jump on parties etc but this…. let’s work on Halloween and Christmas first maybe?  Or even a date. Just throwing things out there.

And then it hits me. Duh! Mr Handsome is playing the stats game. I’m on rotation and somewhere somehow he has mixed numbers or information and I’ve ended up with someone else’s birthday whatsapp. There is a woman somewhere sitting there anxiously staring at her phone willing it to send her a standard message surrounded by roses.

So I write and tell him that he’s sent it to the wrong person. I’m not one to take someone else’s birthday wish lightly. He replies that

“Certainly it wasn’t destined for you. Sorry and have a good day princess. X”

I’m always glad when I’m right but, why I am also a little disappointed in his tastes in images and messages? And just how many women is he trying to woo at one time? So many that he’s getting numbers confused? The use of words like Darling and Princess highlight his inability to keep names straight.

Oh Mr Handsome, you need to tighten up your game.

© Chelsea Black


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