Merry Mental Health Part 3

  1. Well being and self care are words that have become overused in 2020 but there are ways to make sure that you minimise the impact on you. I don’t have the answers but, here’s a quick guide on how you can help yourself a little:
    1. Recognise that you’re not ok: If you’re over sleeping, over drinking, over eating or over watching then, chances are you are not ok. If it’s serious then seek medical help or talk therapy. Sometimes you need a little help with sleep, depression or anxiety to get back to normal1.
  2. Watch what you consume: Some programmes were making me anxious. Some friends on social media where posting conspiracy theories. They had to go. I just watched fluff or inspirational things that made me feel good instead of lots of dark stuff.
  3. Reach out to people who make you happy: I’m still struggling with long conversations which I think is the adverse effects of the video call nonsense over the summer but, seeing my godchildren on whatsapp video makes me smile.
  4. Your time is precious: Let go of those who drain you because their problems are always worse than yours. I started writing, something I didn’t have as much time for when I was helping friends with their lives. And it helps centre me.
  5. Give but only if you have to give: As a giver I often feel guilty when I can’t give but then you have to fill yourself up first because you can give to others. It’s easy to think others have it worse than us and yes, they do but that doesn’t negate your circumstances.  So now I’m more selective on who I give to. Those that bring me joy or need urgent help, yes. The rest, I can’t help you right now. Nor in the future.
  6. Get out of the house: I started running again which forces me out of the house at least 3 times a week. No more staying in for 7 days straight and feeling agoraphobic. It’s hard in lockdown but, make it fun. Plus it’s free.  
  7. Treat yourself when you’ve had a good day: I’ve earned enough good days to treat myself to new pillows in January. Yes, it’s the little things and those who know me know how much I love my bed!
  8. Above all, pour love into yourself for now and let’s do our best to get through this shit storm. We will all be different people but hopefully this will give you the strength to put yourself first for once?

Peace out !

© Chelsea Black® 2020 (Covid Era)