Management of facebook tragedy

12274723_10156167103540461_9133691962760405053_nThe management of tragedy on facebook

Media – Horror! Something bad has happened and it involves a Western Country! You must care.

Right – Fuck this! Let’s blame the minority we fear may take over and promote our right wing capitalist agenda ! We’ll use the working class cos they haven’t got a clue!

Lefties – Let’s all mourn. Here, take this flag to help you feel better about the state of the world

Minorities – Fuck universal mourning. Where was the flag when other groups were dying?

Media – Wait, come on people, can we not confuse the issues and mourn this because it sells?

Minorities – No! We fucking can’t. Besides, what did you do to deserve this. Karma Bitch.

Lefties – Erm ……shouldn’t your anger be towards the mainstream media?

Media – Hey! We’re just reporting the truth as we want you to hear it.

Minorities – Yes but they are too powerful for us to fight so we’ll piss on this instead

Lefties – OK but whilst we fight the right are gaining power?

Right – Oh Sweetie, we never LOST power. So disillusioned.

Lefties – But what about the hatred of ….

Right – We don’t care! It’s all about the money, Honey

Lefties – Could you stop with the diminutive names? It hurts my feelings and makes me feel disempowered.

Right – Sorry petal.

Minorities – We won! We showed them.

Lefties – you won? How?

Minorities – Something something something on facebook.

Lefties – how has that changed…

Minorities – Let’s go get snacks and go back to chatting about TV shows because apparently that’s all we care about.

Lefties – I’m just trying to help you because you clearly need help

Minorities – Check your privilege, Becky.

Lefties – Bob. My name is Bob. So it’s a no to the flag then? I just want you to feel what I’m feeling!

Minorities – You don’t understand what we go through EVERY day. You’ll be over this in a week.


Meanwhile Media and Right high five, give Facebook a big ole hug and get back to business.


The END.

© Chelsea Black 2015

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