Looking for Love Part 3 Plenty of Fuckeries

looking-for-love-2  As you know my precious I am retired from Plenty of Fish due to having a full time job and some unsavoury hook ups but I can’t deny that it gives you a wide pool of  fish. A friend (just the one mind) met her boyfriend on there and yes, 18 months on they’re still together. Do I advocate it as the ways to meet someone special? No but, you need a portfolio approach to dating that considers some virtual meets as well as physical if you are going to be out there every week dating. It’s risky as not everyone out there is of right mind and you have to follow the normal laws of online dating ie public meet, no last names, tell someone where you are and with whom etc.

Men have a completely different approach to dating sites and in general view them as opportunities searching-for-love-400for sex. You know most men don’t like to pay for sex especially if they’re no good at it, married or just not interested in more. Because that’s what it is. We might disguise it as dating but most are on there looking for lust not love. Compared to eharmony, Guardian Soulmates and Match this is the one as everyone seems to have a POF account. I have had 3 and none of them gave me more than mediocre sex from guys with ‘some college’ as their biggest achievement in life. After Pof you can break away into niche dating sites but your numbers decrease and the cost can go up. There’s nothing worse than logging on and seeing the same 3 goofy profiles online every day. Like this gem

This and tinder. I lasted two weeks but apparently if you’re willing to put in the time you can get some dates that aren’t too criminal. I swear they just lie in bed with one hand on their dick and their other swiping one way. It’s not an exact science.

Know that everything is a lie including their photos. Yes, they may have looked like that in 1994 but now, it’s a different world. Look for out of date clothes and hairstyles. If he’s sporting an S curl or a lean then run, he’s still living in last century.

But don’t stay on any 4585225-Looking-for-love-human-searching-for-love-with-heart-using-abstract-search-engine-Stock-Photosite naively. You need to be structured in your approach, ruthless in your dismissals (no pity chats or dates. If you know you’re not interested keep it moving and don’t waste people’s time) and direct in articulating what you want. Gosh, I just remember this one.  My last attempt at POF.

Let’s go!

Chelsea’s Tips 

  • It’s all about the photos. Don’t be modest and don’t post any with your hot friend
  • Be honest but know that they’re going to lie about nearly everything especially height, earnings and what they want from this.
  • 2 emails then a phone call is a must. Trust me that long protracted email exchanges are only worth it if they live in another country. Anyone that emails longer than this isn’t serious about dating.

© Chelsea Black 2015