Looking for Love Part 2 The language of Love

Then we’ve got languages

This is one of those things you see in magazines. ‘Get a hobby!’ they say. I want to say quite clearly that for some, dating is a hobby. It takes me hours to get ready for a date. From the clothes I’ll say I’ll wear then discard then probably wear anyway to the venue we go to there is a lot of time and energy that goes into dating.

A poplol 230715ular one is Language classes although I think they are hit and miss. So why are you giving me a hobby that is more like being back at school? I was in an all girls’ school. I don’t know how to flirt and learn at the same time. You can meet someone yes but you also have to do a lot of homework and, what if their accent is really insulting to everyone including the professor? I see this as I have to face the weekly torment of one guy insist on speaking only in an East End languate during our 2 hour French class.

Yes I’m doing French. Not to meet men because there are few men in the class but, to meet French African men. I know my precious, I like to plan ahead. You never know and English speaking men are only part of the dating pool. You’ve got to speculate.

And chances are he’s not going to be there sitting next to you in the class. I’ve been learned French for nearly 3 years and the only black guy was engaged and talked about his Belgian girlfriend incessantly. We get it, you’re getting laid on the regs. No need to rub it in. Then there was explosive guy who got really upset and frustrated when nobody understood him. Maybe that’s because you were being pretentious even in French and nobody cared that you knew 16 different types of truffle oil. Or was it 6. Must put in more time into numbers.

Niche dating is also a possibility with languages. As the increase of African 2nd generations grows so does the need for those who lol2want to reconnect and learn the language. But seriously this is a serious investment of time into finding a man. Sometimes it’s best not to know what they’re saying anyway as they tend to mumble in man speak. Maybe for some it might be easier just go on t’internet and wear a low cut top? Or lower cut. Let them find you 😉


Chelsea’s Tips

  • Avoid places like SOAS if you’re into niche dating. That’s everyone but black guys. Try these short Twi, Yoruba courses and see what pops up 😉
  • Don’t pay for more than a term as you may want to widen your net and go for a different school if the pickings are low
  • Go early and stay late so you can see who else does classes on the same night as you. IF the school doesn’t have a decent reception or café then abort mission . You will be limited to 2 hours of a class with 12 then 9 then 4 other people for 2 hours. You may as well have some perve time pre and post class.

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