Looking for love in all the right places Part 1: Sporty Spice

Sometimes I get asked how I meet so many men. The short answer is that I know a lot of people and I have a butt so men find me . The long answer is that I put the work in and try lots of different things anyway so bumping into penis isn’t that hard if I’m honest. Sorry my precious. I wish there was a better answer for you. But, just in case you are looking for a few here’s where I suggest you go. This is broken down into a few parts as I’m sure I’ll add to it over time.

Sporty Spice

Men love sport. Most mensweaty-workout_0. Some pretend to love sport but just like playing video games with sport in them. Don’t be fooled. These are a different breed entirely. Let’s be honest, if you’re not that into sport then don’t pretend to be into sport. There’s nothing worse than trying to fake your way through a sports conversation with someone that lives and breathes it.

I used to love football but I prefer to play not watch so don’t follow any leagues anymore. Yes it would make sense to follow it for dating small talk but I quickly learned that most men don’t value a woman’s opinion on sport and definitely not football. So don’t do it for that reason. Do it because you have a passion for something. Like Cosplay or fancy dress. I could do that without breaking a sweat. Nothing to do with a guy but, who loves a dressed up superhero? Geeks, that’s who. Geeks tend to be good people to date. They’re passionate about something already so know how to love even if they may be lacking in other areas.


If you’re a runner then running clubs are a good pick up these days with certain crews and clubs getting ready for half and full marathon season. Start in the slow group and don’t be a champion. If you were one of those girls that skipped 3 km during cross country to have a fag then this isn’t for you. Nobody needs a heroine for the sake of maybe getting a date. Runners are also not a social group. In fact they’re quite introverted in general so choose a club carefully. Not one with too many serious runners.


What I like abridget-jones-499411_w1020h450c1cx532cy248re classes like insanity , spin, body pump. Don’t get me wrong, I would never do them as I don’t have that kind of death wish but for those of you that have gym memberships make it work for you. Avoid those guys that are on the weights looking intensely in the mirror. That’s the same way they have sex; checking their muscles out as they flex over you. Damn, I miss that Gym Bear dude.

That said, anything that helps get you in shape can only be good for you. Just enjoy it and don’t make it all about getting penis. Trust me, no woman has to work hard for that!

Chelsea’s Tips:
  • Know your limits and don’t kill yourself for the love of a sport loving man
  • Try a few places before you commit. This way you can check out the footfall and how much of it is male and worthy of you breaking out those Christmas spandex leggings auntie bought you.
  • Sport isn’t for everyone. If you’re not into it then be a great masseuse or at least learn to make sympathetic noises for when his team lose or he gets injured. Be that cheerleader if only for the role play outfits alone

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