Leave it on the floor!

Last night I went to view Leave it on the Floor – #fierce for those who are into twitter. It’s all about the black American subculture of Voguing. Transgender and Gay balls are held in seedy looking clubs where they strut their stuff on a cat walk for mens and tens. As you all know I love a love story, I love a musical and I love #fabulosity!  So this was it. This movie was a dress up opportunity and then some. I mean yes I was the only person dressed up as somebody who shall remain nameless (@ECForde) told me that I should go glam but I don’t need a lot of prompting. I thought back to the early days of voguing and figured, Madonna stole it from them so I may as well steal from her 80s look. Side ponytail and a rara skirted dress I was good to go. Some outfits aren’t made for the tube.

The movie is fabulously trashy. It’s early glee meets Hairspray meets black bitchy queens that can’t be compared. I loved it, many didn’t.  It got tiring to hear the words “it’s not because it’s gay!” Hmmm ok if you say so but that’s not the point. If you can watch Tyler Perry without rolling your eyes and stabbing yourself in the arm then you can watch this.

My thing is this Peccadillo are one of the best distributors of LGBT films I know. I see the cat and I’m assured that it’s not going to be terrible. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you are up for a laugh, some hot bodies and a cheesy romp through black guy voguing then this is the movie for you. If not then give me your ticket because I would happily got see it again. Yes it was fun. But then I do think Clueless is a classic.

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