I’ve got the power…point

So we met through a friend of his who I was sort of chatting to but not really because I’m not into men who wear white shoes and monitor my drinking. We chatted for a few weeks and finally the guy asked to take me out. We agreed to meet in Greenwich near Cutty Sarks. I know it is out of my 45 minute dating zone but I was working in Woolwich at the time so it was allowable. We met and went for a Mexican dinner. He talked about his amazing high paying job as an IT project manager which made my little consulting gig in Woolwich pale into insignificance. I won’t say there was chemistry but there was enough spice and flirtation for us to make it back to his.  Don’t judge my precious, it was a slow month.

The sex was average. He needed an awful lot of union breaks, was sweaty and I was starting to get a bit bored. This was definitely one for the last tube home so I was constantly conscious of the time. Then he asked me to help him out. Oh goodie a request for something kinky? Suddenly this was getting more interesting.

But no, this guy needed help with…Powerpoint. Apparently he needed to submit a presentation to his client and didn’t know how to use it. I assumed he wanted to know how to use the whizz on bits that make the letters screech onto the screen or turn the slides with pixels but no, he wanted the basics on how to set up a presentation.

I put my bra back on and gave him a 15 minute master class on how to Powerpoint. All the while thinking, how is this dude an IT Project Manager? To be fair his sexual performance improved afterwards and he was able to finish me off and drive me to Plaistow tube all in good time. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.

I know I’m too trusting. But if someone tells me they do something for a living I believe them because why lie? I know men spend the majority of their time thinking of ways to trick women into bed but, dude, it wasn’t the job title that swayed me to go back to yours. It was those arms which should be used for more than just pointing at presentations.

© Chelsea Black


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