I’m still standing

No I’m not going to break into song….well not just yet.

So I’ve been pretty silent recently which as you know my precious is unlike me. I’ll tell you why. I don’t want to complain. I don’t want to tell you about those men that annoy me on a weekly basis and sound bitter. It could so easily happen right? Some funny story turns into a bitter rant about the state of our community.  It’s starting to make me sad as when I meet someone and they turn out to be a wasteman or disrespectful. You can’t help but start to wonder ….is it me?

But no, it’s not me it’s them and I’ve decided that until I meet someone worthy of more than 500 words on a blog I’m going to take a wee dating break and focus on my business and exercising and learning to eat better again. Woman cannot live on Twix and take away alone. Trust me after 3 days even I think it may be a tad too much.  This is just a thought mind you and I haven’t done the extensive research to back it up. As I write this I have a sweet potato baking away and I’m off out later to buy ingredients for a meal tonight. I can’t even remember what they are anymore!

The most recent SMH sadly moment was when a good friend was a tad too friendly with my leg.  Seeing my face of dismay he asked if he should stop and I said yes and yet he persisted. Why? Because he thinks that’s acceptable. I’m tired. I’ll write up the last few weeks of ups and downs over the next few weeks but know this…it’s not you my precious, it’s them. Unless you are a head full of broken biscuits in which case it IS you. Please just stop it.

So let’s not let these incidents get us down. I’m still standing despite facing many a dating adversity.

Smooches for now

© Chelsea Black