Happy Birthday Boudoir Lashes

Boudoir Lashes

Yesterday saw a delicious event at Jewel bar Piccadilly for Boudoir Lashes. Celebrating their first birthday party, Asma and team put on a delightful mix of treatments such as nails, henna and spray tanning (I gracefully opted out of that one). I was instead distracted by the food and champagne. I’m a sucker for a flute or two of the bubbly.

I had to leave early so missed a lot of the night but already it was a mix of ethnicities and women across economic boundaries. That’s what I love about treatments as opposed to fashion; the diversity. Most I spoke to had known Asma for a while which highlighted to me the importance of the relationship when people are getting their bodies taken care of. It’s more than just a quick anonymous pedicure at those salons where they don’t talk to you except to ask you to lift your other leg. The eyes are the windows to the soul and as such the lashes frame them. It’s important that it looks right and that the person doing it has a sense of the person you are.  A while ago I got my lashes done. I never felt prettier and I’m a tomboy. I wanted drag queen lashes as it my tendency to go big but instead got natural looking extensions that suite my face. You can’t argue with this pint sized dynamo. She knows her shit.

As with all these events I came expecting very little and left with a great goody bag. All of the products are homemade but professional. I’m going to experiment over the coming weeks but the lipstick went straight on! I missed the burlesque dancing although the dancers were there early posing by the bar. Next time my pretties we will swap moves.

Asma is a delight and definitely one to watch as the business grows in the near future. I’m glad to be on the client list before I’m referred to someone else who doesn’t ignore my demands for massive drag queen lashes. My advice? Book soon before she outgrows her space in Beccas, South Ken

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