Goodbye, thank you and Happy New Year

The year of the rat ends on the 10th February. 11th February 2021 is the year of the Ox. New energy which we can all look forward to. Can’t wait. But before we get there it wouldn’t be right for me to leave this year without saying a proper goodbye to a tough year. So here goes my last blog of the year and the foreseeable future…  

10 years a blogger

Yes I’m going to take a break.

At the beginning of the year I realised that I had written 630 blogs in 9 years. I tasked myself with writing 70 blogs in a year, a feat that I hadn’t done since my unemployment year of 2012. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging but it’s time for new challenges. I’m going to take this time to work on my books 2 and 3 and 4 and…so this, my 700th blog will be my last for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll still be ranting on Social Media and I’m sure I’ll be compelled to write the occasional blog.

Thanks to all of those who have supported and commented across the 10 years. It’s helped me write outside of boring #WorkWoe reports. And, spoiler alerts, I’m turning those work rants into book 3.


It has been annus horribilis for so many of us so it’s harder to find the sparks of joy. But find we must if we really want to say goodbye to 2020!

  1. I’m grateful that work didn’t stop for me as it did so many others. Worrying about money is never good for your mental health.
  2. That I have my health which wasn’t stable prior to 2020 but seemed to behave this year.
  3. That I had amazing friends both here and overseas who check in and support me despite my ‘ways’
  4. My family who drive me mad and keep me sane in equal measure
  5. That despite the disruptions to schooling the godchildren flourished this year. One even got 5 distinctions!
  6. All of the versions of SKAM, Shameless USA and Looking which kept me entertained.
  7. That my skinny jeans still (just) fit me.
  8. That I got my first book out there
  9. That all the negative energy be it friends or exes has been almost negligible
  10. The happy memories I have of those who have transitioned which catch me every once in a while. You are all so missed
  11. The optimism to believe that good things will come for us in 2021
  12. That overall I’ve managed to remain happy through positive energies, old and new music, social media and exercise.


The one takeaway from 2020 has been the need for me to put my wellbeing first. It’s important to pour the same love into yourself as into others and that may mean protecting my energy from that energy which isn’t healthy for me.

 If you are no longer in my life please don’t take it personally. I’ve had to put me first for once and that may mean distancing myself from those who are critical, judgemental or negative. Whether intentional or not that’s one of the boundaries I’m reinforcing moving forward and that will mean that I can continue to function without anxieties.

For those who are struggling this year, please, speak to your friends or reach out to professionals. Nobody expects you to fix everything yourself and asking for / receiving help is the strongest thing you can do for yourself right now. For those in the early stages of grief, my heart bleeds for you.

Here’s to 2021

So here’s to hoping that all those who gave, receive in 2021. All those who suffered and grieved, find a semblance of healing or comfort. And all of those who have plans for happiness actually get to fulfil them. It’s going to be a wee while before normality resumes for us and we’ll have to deal with the wellbeing of surviving a pandemic. Let’s do this Fam.

Happy New Year, much love to you all and here’s to seeing the back end of that arse of a year, 2020

Stay blessed, stay safe and mwaah!

© Chelsea Black® 2020 (Covid Era)

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