Frogs and Fuckeries by Chelsea Black

12th February 2021….

Frogs and Fuckeries is all about my dating misadventures on Bumble, PoF and Tinder. Yes we’ve all been there but how many frogs does one have to kiss or miss to find a decent date? A lot apparently.

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Frogs and Fuckeries

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Chelsea Black, one of London’s top dating bloggers, is back with more from the world of 21st-century dating. Yes, believe it or not, there’s so much more after her debut book Cupid’s Cockups.

Hitting the dating scene with the same gusto and passion she has for sweets saw her through many misadventures and, she even came out with a serious relationship that nearly saw her move to what was once the land of the brave and the free. (The USA, not a Braveheart’s Scotland reference).

But this time, she needs a strategy to find the man who will love the names she’s pre-approved for their babies, understands her love of international concerts and can communicate in full text sentences. 

Thus begins Chelsea’s #40DayDating Challenge to find her prince. Join her as she criss-crosses London for dinners with catfish, ghosts, dudes who claim to eat before the date so that they don’t have to pay the bill, yet still eat her chips, and grown men who just can’t tell the time.

The question is, will Chelsea find her modern-day prince amongst all the frogs with their fuckeries, or will she have to retreat, re-strategise and hope for third time lucky?

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