Frogs and Fuckeries by Chelsea Black

Coming in 2021….

Frogs and Fuckeries is all about my dating misadventures on Bumble, PoF and Tinder. Yes we’ve all been there but how many frogs does one have to kiss or miss to find a decent date? A lot apparently.

Estimated release date 12th February 2020 (yes, just in time for a Valentine’s weekend read)

Frogs and Fuckeries

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Having brushed off the energy of the divorce and a couple of serious relationships, Chelsea decides that now is the time to get serious about dating, again. The single life is fabulosity but there are times when you just want to have more. And why can’t we have it all?

Now, how to find someone when you are allergic to dating apps and puerile conversations? And thus, begins a challenge to stay on dating apps for longer than a day. Anyone should be able to find a man who is boyfie worthy if they put together a proper plan, right?

Join Chelsea as she gallivants across London with the aid of her trusty smart phone, a much-used debit card and a determination to find her elusive prince. From catfish to men who forgot they didn’t have any money for dating to the ones who couldn’t tell time … it’s nothing if not eventful. And then she goes and adds even more pressure on her Frogs and Fuckeries by sharing it on Social Media.

This. Will. Not. End. Well. Or maybe it will?

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