The Frenemy part 3

The frenemy part 3

I’ve only ever had one flat mate. I’m not great at sharing my space at the best of times as I have way too much fancy dress stuff so tend to hoard the space. I also throw lots of parties, have people staying over and am generally one of those people who needs a lot of space. Which is why my frenemy was my first and last flatmate.

It all started off well enough and we got on really well but, my frenemy was overweight. I didn’t think much of it as clearly we weren’t sharing a bed or anything but once in a while chicken or snacks would disappear and I would be told that it had been stolen off the window sill where it had been defrosting. I know my precious but I’m really not that suspicious. Then my stereo was stolen. Apparently someone had walked onto the estate into our flat and taken it. I called the police. They didn’t even bother coming round as there was no forced entry. Again I didn’t doubt her because I’m not one to assume that someone I laughed with every day would be involved. She seemed as distressed as me which looking back was probably to do with

There were some tensions with men coming over but what can I say, these were the uni days of our lives and who am I to turn down good sex when it’s on offer but there was one night where I think she may have possibly wanted the one I got with. She got the better looking best friend with the smelly feet ( I couldn’t, life is too short) but the next day was a lot cooler. Anyway all went back to normal. He was just a man and replaceable after all right? Oh how I recall the dismissive way we thought back then. We did even end up in bed together one drunken night. Yep, I got to play on those baps.

I suspect also that Frenemy resented what she deemed as my more privileged existence. I partied hard, didn’t work hard at all, knew everyone and money wasn’t really an issue.  I had just enough for drinks and food. It is what it is and I didn’t think much of it but when you have a life others sometimes resent you for it. It’s a shame blogging hadn’t come out then. I would have blogged a treat.

Finally the end of the year and it was time to move out. She left a day before me and with her it would seem my bank card. I looked for it the next day and when I got to the bank all the money had been withdrawn. I was left with enough to buy one snackbox.  We had been together enough times for her to know my pin number after a year of sharing and shopping. And how did I know it was her? The bank she withdrew the cash from was opposite her favourite Nandos and KFC. Coincidence? I think not!

And so I learned that the Frenemy will wait a long time to get their revenge. Be warned there are very few true blue friends when it comes to sex and friends. Share her last rolo, not likely. And that my precious was the giveaway.

© Chelsea Black

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