Final MAFSUK 2022 Predictions

So I think the next two nights are reunion show. It’s the perfect opportunity for final predications for MAFSUK 2022. I’ll be honest this year’s show has been overly scripted and a shit show of producer / content director / scrip writer led decisions. Reputationally I’m not sure that it will recover and may have passed into that bland reality TV space where nobody takes it seriously. Instead everyone is on it for a laugh and a chance of fame whoring. This will never be as good as the US version as they don’t spend as much time matching them or counselling them through their differences. I miss Dr Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal. They actually act like they care about the marriages.

MAFSUK 2022 Predictions

OK so we’ve had the vow renewals and all of them have said they’ve stayed together but I reckon only 2 of them MAY have made it. Zoe and Jenna. From a consistency perspective they’ve been the least troublesome of them all.  If Blackpool and bacon can’t part them. Then we have , Chanita and Jordan? I’d like to think that his wobble was just that and he’s going to make that Derby to Darlington trip on the regs.  

Couple who may say they’re together but it’s for the Gram would be April and George, Whitney and Matt and er….yeah that’s it. I can’t actually remember the other couples anymore.

Spin Offs anyone?

All that being said I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of these fame wannabe contestants. I think at some point there were some obvious spin offs potentials. Shows I may have watched one episode of

1 . Magic PJ – PJ strips his way into someone else’s heart

2. Fame Whores United – Whitney and April

3. How to get horse legs and grow a full beard- Duka Fitness and Make Overs

4. Tatts and Pound Shop Naomi Campbell – Huddersfield to Hitchin, a fake love story  

5. George’s perpetrator journey – a legal documentary highlighting how not seriously the police and Channel 4 take emotional abuse against women.

6. Plus Size and Kinky Boots – Kesia Boss Bitch

7. How small IS Selby? – a documentary on Selby and the horrors of Horse Legs narrated by Johnathan

8. Whatever happened to Lara? – a mystery / thriller / where are they now

9. Manchester Muff(ins) – Zoe and Jenna the next chapter

10. Celebs Go Dating – because we KNOW some of them will be on there.

Final Goodbye

I won’t miss this series. This has been nearly 30 episodes of abusive behaviour, over alcoholed narcassists and a script that was written by 2nd jobbers.

Of course most will disappear into Z list oblivion but some, like Thomas, Whitney, April may actually make a career out of getting married. Mazel tov?

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