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A-Sexy F is for Facebook and Dating Value

So a lot has been made in the press recently about Facebook and it’s over valuation, those that benefited from it and those that have lost out. I’m no Economist and I don’t understand business models that are based on perceived value as opposed to revenue but that’s just me not caring enough. I need money that will pay my mortgage not highly geared income that could bite me on the butt in a recession when that perceived value drops. But that’s just me.

It got me thinking about the value we place on ourselves in this dating market. At the moment it would seem that the stock that is most in demand but in low supply is the Eligible Man. Films like Think Like a Man show women who are not without their own lives settling for relationships where the men are not quite ready to commit to them. Oh it’s a good time to be a man if you have your shit together. Even if you don’t some women will speculate that you are a good investment and possibly put some capital into you to make it so. Women love a project.

Then you have the stock that used to be attractive but is in over supply. The Indepedent Woman. Again there are two perceptions here; that of the market and your own. No one cares how good you actually are as a girlfriend or a wife so long as the perception is that you are as some people say “Wifey.”

But as I go out and about I realise that there is an oversupply of single women of a certain age. Part of the reason is that to be a single man is not deemed as a failure to find a suitable partner whereas Spinster doesn’t have the same ring to it. Or the extreme lack of a ring at all in many cases.  The other reason is that feminism means that educationally and skill wise we are able to do what Destiny’s Child have been telling us we do which is pay our own Bills, Bills, Bills. We are independent and so value our stock based on our education, looks, age. But men don’t value our stock in the same way and they are the ones who valuation matters to some degree if they are going to buy our stock.

This saddens me as looks and age aren’t my friends so I have had to accept a plummet in my stock in recent years. However, fear not ladies with a little self adjustment this doesn’t mean we have to under value ourselves. No, we just have to accept that we are not going to be a stock that everyone wants to buy. We are like that million pound property that stays on the market for ages but gets one owner who adores it because they recognise it’s worth. (Yes I realise that the analogy has slipped but I did mention my Economics knowledge was limited at best)

I just hope FuHu buys before the subsidence kicks in.

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