Fabulosity 2012 Thank you universe

This morning one of my BBM contacts said that Fabulosity was her 11th commandment. Yes it is!

So as I was saying yesterday #Fabulosity2012 is working. It really is. But once again Universe you seem to answer my pleas but for my friends and family. Is this one of those things where you can’t ask for yourself and you have to ask for others? If so should I get a prayer group together so that we can get this thing ramped up in the 2nd half of the year? Yes, yes I know June isn’t over but I’m putting in my request early as we seem to be having a wee bit of a timing / communication issue.

But whilst you put together my fabulosity2012 package I would like to thank you for the following blessings which have been greatly appreciated:

  1. One friend who got engaged, got over a bereavement and realised what they wanted to do with their life – mazel tov!
  2. One friend whose business is stable and profitable after 10 years – mwaah
  3. One friend who is finally moving overseas to do the MBA programme she always wanted to do. With scholarship. Go on universe, this one was a hugey!
  4. A new nephew and niece this year! – reluctantly adds them to Christmas pressie list.
  5. An ex who got married. Yes if he can do it I’m sure anyone can 😉
  6. A friend getting married and about to pop out a sprog – Double Happeeee!
  7. A friend who has lined up some amazing dates with some amazing men – How has she done it. People want to know.
  8. My friend who I think has met and is seeing her soulmate but I don’t want to jinx it so (whispers) – yes of course I will be an auntie to the children. I want 3 from you
  9. My sister who got engaged – finally a wedding to plan. Yes not my wedding but close enough that I can feel involved.
  10. I lost a granny but my other grandparents turned 80 and 90 this year.


And to those who are getting divorced, depressed and in debt please know that I feel you and that this too shall pass. Maybe we need the rain to appreciate the sun? I just need MBNA to stop calling me.

As we are in England during Euro2012 I say let’s get ready for the 2nd half of the year and may it be a better 2nd half! Bring on the fabulosity.

© Chelsea Black

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