The evil that is Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

So my latest bête noire is the Energy Drink. If I see a guy drink them I either dismiss him or I have to run over and tell him that it isn’t a good look. In some of my more bossy states (apparently I have these but I didn’t know until recently) I’ve even been known to tell them no when they’ve requested another red bull and vodka.

All of this off of the back of a class where I learned that spunk tastes bad when the person has been drinking coffee, caffeine drinks or alcohol. I selectively decided to ignore the alcohol bit and focus on the other two. But after the class I did a little experiment and it’s true. The better the pre sex drinks the happier a swallower you will have on her knees in front of you.

The reasons are simple, they are strong flavours, dehydrate instead of hydrate and just take nasty.

Please don’t make me have to post about this again. If you see a lady that you like the look of in a bar or club now is the time to switch to that fruity virgin cocktail, the cranberry juice or better yet pineapple juice and lots and lots of water. Use the driving excuse if you must so that your friends don’t rib you. I worry that you still worry about peer pressure but yes, different blog.

Don’t thank me dude. I will thank you for considering the palette of your victims in advance. It’s the least you can do for us. And my opening line can be…”so, what are drinking?”

Rushes off to drink more water… never know right?

© Chelsea Black

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