Eligible Bachelors

Eligible Bachelor

There are many words that cause confusion in dating sex and relationships. Big is one of them, commitment the other and now eligible.

I recently posted a poll of eligible men and then realised that I had to define eligible. The problem is that years ago this related to not being married but as you can see from the list some of the guys may have long term girlfriends and even children with their current partners but, for the sake of the poll they are considered eligible because they are not legally married. Jane Austen has a lot to answer for.

I would just like to point out to married men, this excludes you. Please stop pretending to be single. Gay guys some of you are so delicious but your list is not here. No the eligible bachelor is a rare breed and as such is highly in demand allowing them to take their pick of available women. Oh to be in that position.

There is a huge difference between being an eligible bachelor and an eligible bachelorette. We don’t use the word spinster her as that assumes that the choice is not one of your making but instead one imposed upon you. When you consider bachelorettes you consider looks, sex appeal (no Tulisa you still wouldn’t make my list) and popularity and yet lists of eligible bachelors considers Age, Social Status and their networth / income. Yes sexy is important but let’s face it security is still a huge factor in eligibility.

To be clear there are some guys who are just bachelors. This is a breed unto themselves and to be avoided. Eligibility is about the perception women have of that guy and as these are celebrities we can be a little more assuming that they are seeking marriage at some point. In our head anyway. I would have included men of other races but after reading that the guy who plays Sherlock homes was voted over David Beckham, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling and Alex Skarsgard I don’t really trust my ability to judge anymore.

So I’m going to review the 10 on the list and any others over the coming week to delve into their eligibility. I have purposefully done British guys as I don’t want to share Henry with anyone else and American men….they’ve made too many lists already.

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