A-Sexy:  E is for Elevation

Not only is it a lovely song by U2 but it’s also something we seem to do to people we meet before they truly deserve it. Take Kylie for instance. Great as Charlene on Neighbours yes (although Jason Donovan, that perm and Bouncer the dog carried most of those scenes if we are honest)  but as a singer she wasn’t really elevated to pop princess status until she decided to encroach on her sister’s dancer music market and released the nah nah nah song. Personally I preferred her earlier work with Stock Aitken and Waterman where she was appealing to 10 year old girls not the pink pound . But I digress

So elevation of the potential partner is common practise especially when you are in full crush mode. The problem is most aren’t really worthy of this elevation and I’ll tell you for why. They actually haven’t DONE anything yet to deserve it. Then you have a sexual experience and you’re expecting bells to ring but they won’t. The process of elevation puts too much pressure on the relationship, the partner the sex and rarely does it live up to it. Now I’m not telling you not to dream big and that with a little work it couldn’t get to that magical place we romantics always dream of but early on you are setting yourself for an ugly fall from your gorgeous heels. Be careful

Yes I know we are in a dating recession which makes dating competitive and sometimes this means that we forget the basics but let’s know idiolise those who are barely meeting basic standards of dating acceptability. A great build is just not enough my precious.

Elevation….it’s only for those that deserve it.

© Chelsea Black

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