Duck or drown!

A – Sexy B is for Bukkake

This is the practise of pleasuring more than one cock at a time usually ending in them coming all over your face. Do not confuse this with an Orgy where you can tag in other women whilst you go do something less boring. It seems to be a common practise in Japan  Eastern Europe according to porn sites. And an awful lot of it happens in forests or empty warehouses. I’m assuming this is to avoid the clean up afterwards.  I’ve never done it and I’ll tell you for why. More than one cock in the room is tantamount to disaster. I know we all want to think we can handle it but I’m not one to pretend to be that brave. One is enough. Well sometimes it isn’t but that’s a whole other blog.

At my recent house party there were too many men to women. The testosterone levels reached ridiculous levels. Men who would normally know how to behave turned into horny beasts who wouldn’t leave the women alone. Bukkake is this with their cocks vying for room in your mouth.  There is no control in Bukkake and you have to trust every man in there not to go too far and poke you in the eye. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk! So please, dudes, stop trying to tell me about the things you and your friends have done in groups.

If this is your fantasy and he arranged it for you fine (chances are you are going to have to do this yourself as men and organisation isn’t always synonymous. Might I suggest an advert in craigslist as opposed to those sex websites?) but if one cold day in May his friends keep dropping by looking hungry straight after lunch and it starts turning into an episode of Emu’s world (there’s somebody at the door!) then you know what to do my precious. Yes, get your bag and run!

© Chelsea Black A-Sexy

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