Dont do Deadbeats

A-Sexy: D is for  Deadbeats

I know that we are meant to be open and not judge but dating deadbeats? But that’s not really as easy to do when you are experiencing a dating recession. You must be careful not to fall for this type of guy for fear that he will drain you of your will to live.

Yes there is a species of man that emerged out of the vacuum left by the Neanderthal and Alpha male known as the Deadbeat. Anything that makes you yearns for a time when men had a clue, took decisions for you and told you what to do can’t be good I know but Deadbeat Guy is to be avoided at all times. He is also known as a wasteman or in western terminology a time wasting deadbeat. Yes we all know them and they exist.  In fact I’ve dated some because sadly for me they can masquerade as having potential. Don’t be confused. This is not the guy who is on the precipice of greatness working hard for hours on his craft or idea. No this is the deadbeat who looks around for people to carry him through life and love. He is charismatic. He has to be to sucker people in initially but alas he will exhaust.

I’ve had the ones who have made excuses of their children and pets for being late or not turning up at all. Then there are those that throw a sulk every time they don’t get their own way or you don’t say YES to them immediately. There are those whose lives are linked to other people…usually their ex-girlfriend as they still owe her thousands of pounds.  Then there are those who dramatically use excuses for their lives not being where they should be. Seriously not every black guy in London was destined to play for Arsenal before they were struck down by injury? Injury? Or did you just discover sex and playstation? Be honest!

The problem with the deadbeat is that he has time on his hands and if he had watched a lot of day time movies which he has cos he has time then he knows how to seduce you. He also has more time than most to perfect his sex stroke so the sex is usually worth asking him round for a second visit. Never ever suggest going to his as he doesn’t have a current abode.

Yes the deadbeat, timewasting wastemen is coming to a dating opportunity near you. Be warned. Click here for signs of a deadbeat.

© Chelsea Black