So I was clearing out my spam as per usual on a Friday night when I came across this email. I had to share any email titled Divorce is not an option. I guess it isn’t an option if you want to stay happily married?

The Advert

If you’re married and DO NOT want to get divorced but are interested in having an affair, then we want you to understand that You are NOT alone!

There are thousands of married people in your city that feel the same way that you do.This is why you need to join the xxxxx Dating Agency that was created for married people that want to have an affair without getting caught.

If you join the xxxxx Dating Agency you will be able to have sexual relationships with other married women or men that DO NOT want to get divorced, but want to have a discreet affair without being caught.

After you have an affair you will feel ALIVE and HAPPY once again. You’ll feel like you did when you were single and dating new people. In fact, you may start feeling like working on your marriage again to make it better. You just need that spark again in your life that only someone new can give you.

Go here if you are interested in learning more:

If you’re not married and reading this message, then you can also join the Ashley Madison Dating Agency. Meet married people that would love to have a sexual relationship with you.

Listen, we understand that you’re worried about getting caught and possibly getting divorced, but if you join today you’ll see how easy it is to stay married and enjoy multiple affairs with many people.

You don’t have to pay anything to join today…just check it out and see what you think. Go here if you are interested in learning more: xxxxx

Erm, nah

An affair will make you feel HAPPY and ALIVE? And how do they think they as a dating agency are going to ensure that their clients don’t get caught? There is nothing like a partner with a whiff of a suspicion that you may be cheating.

If I was less ethical I would so have signed up by now. Or stolen the idea for myself but no I hated married people who cheat. Just get a divorce like the rest of us. Stop making excuses for why you have sex with other people without the consent of your partner. But something tells me that it can’t work especially with singles. They’ll want more of your time than a marriage will allow you to give her. Her best friend’s engagement party isn’t an event she can go to alone. But some of you may be up for it so this is my Jubilee Weekend gift to you.  The potential of an affair. I would much rather wait for the diamond ring.

Remember those that want an affair without the cost of a divorce, you are not alone!

Happy Diamond Jubilee!

© Chelsea Black

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