Dinner Date Dude part 2

The dinner date part 2

So I didn’t hear from Dinner Date Dude and as always my heart and life went on. Then today I got an email on Linkedin. I didn’t even realise we were linkedin? It went something like this:

Hi Chelsea, Hope your well.

I can only assume that your email is not working. Otherwise you would have replied by now, no? DDD. x

Straight away I’m annoyed. Not by the your instead of you’re although I did note it but I’m willing to give anyone the benefit of fast email doubt. I do it myself.

No it’s the fact that he suggest that it’s my system that is broken not his arse that is trying to cast shade my way. So I did what any suspicious woman would do and tested my email. Three times.  Dude was lying!. So I wrote back:

I’ve not had any other issues? Please send your previous email again via LinkedIn. Thanks

CB (note the evident lack of a kiss)

For someone who seemed to have lost the ability to write, text or communicate in anyway except to squirm in his chair his speedy response was a surprise. Minutes later I got this

DDD: Can’t find it at the moment (3 wks ago), but it was just to see what your diary was like for lunch, dinner or drinks, etc.

And this is the poiwoman saying nont where I’m kind of over it. So it was 3 weeks ago which is exactly the point of Squirmgate and you’re claiming that you emailed me? And how are you not clear if it’s lunch, dinner or drinks THESE Are very different types of dates as any woman will tell you. Lunch is time restricted, drinks are I’m not sure that I can be arsed and dinner is break out the date heels and wardrobe, don’t eat for 3 days and find your Nandos card just incase. (who am I kidding. That card is permanently on me and I’m waiting for it to become a cashless oyster type card). What it all boils down to however is that he’s just tagging me and I’m wise to this now. He wants to demonstrate effort but has no real intention of following through.

I thought about writing back and telling him that I’m really busy for the rest of the year which isn’t a complete lie but then I realised I can’t even be bothered to do that. He disappears for ages, comes back and tries to blame it on me and then doesn’t even own it with an apology? An interested man would have been in touch sooner. I can’t make excuses for his tardiness in contact in my head. Whatever the reason we are both grown enough to just say it and move on.

Yes I know I’m fussy but I hate it when people don’t’ follow through .Some of you may not get this but life is too short to meet anyone that just doesn’t seem genuine and honest. He’s proven himself untrustworthy in such a short period of time. Yes, maybe my email wasn’t working but I doubt it.

All of that said the winter is fast approaching and if Lekky Blanky starts to feel the strain in a few days I may email back. Nothing wwoman saying no 2arms you like a Nandos hot platter!

© Chelsea Black

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