Dating Recession

Dating recession

A dating recession is when despite being a reasonable catch and having an enviable dating CV you are experiencing a string of bad dates or rejections from the objects of your desire. Sometimes a dating recession coincides with an economic recession where Nandos and voucher dinners (no you can’t have the fish as it’s not part of the voucher offer Madam) become a harrowing nightmare of repetition.

Now is a time of global dating recession. Women everywhere are bemoaning the state of the dating pool and asking what did they do in a previous life to attract so many men with such bad intention. I really wish I had the answer but alas I don’t.

The trick when you are in a dating recession is not to apply for any permanent relationship roles. Instead it is best to do some interim / contract dating which fulfils yours need to get out of the house and have sex but is not an investment. Repeat after me do not invest in stock or property that is likely to devalue immediately when the recession ends.

On the positive a dating recession does eventually end but one must be careful not to settle for less than they deserve when they are mid recession. You are worth more than the other person wants to admit. Don’t under value yourself my precious this time will too soon pass.

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