Covid shopping rant

Covid Shopping Rant

Shook off the blues by going food shopping and shouting at stupid people. Observations today include:

1.The British Education system has failed Waitrose customers. Some think 6 feet is 12 inches and others think it’s 12 feet. The queues were a mess. I can’t trust anything in there anymore. They do have a trolly cleaner in there though.

2. Queues are bank like. Once someone is in there they want to shop at leisure and peruse like this is a museum. We’ve all been in here before Peter. You know the three aisles you need so pick something, put it in your trolly and move onto your next one. And speaking of ….

3. People are still fingering all the produce? HOW ARE YOU RISKING EVERYONE with your nonsense. Pick a fucking avo Susan and keep it moving for fuck sake.

4. Spitting, nosy picking and spluttering are still the vogue as witnessed in the queue and on the street. We are a terrible people and I didn’t spot one tissue when it’s bloody hayfever season? Suspcious .

5. They’re going to run out of alcohol in the Kings Road. I thought there was going to be a fight over a bottle of Clarinet or Flute or some shit at one point.

6. Everyone is selfish and mean. But nobody wants to be shouted at by the Black Lady who is pissed off because you won’t hurry the fuck out at self check out

7. Oh and to the sweaty wanker who following me from Waitrose to the co-op (Doritos are only £1 a family bag!) on Kings road ( a whole mile this man was stopping when I was stopping then following without saying anything, smirking.) and was being a creepy dick, fuck you.

I told security at co-op who was actually more annoyed that his fag break was interrupted than my harassment issues but the idiot scurried off and I made it home safely. I spoke too soon when I said Street harassment was dying.

That’s it! Casa De Chelsea for the next few days to recuperate from this social engagement. I’m #KaRonaDOut

Shit! I forgot to get pastrami!

©Chelsea Black 2020

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