Christmas party anyone?

Christmas is a joyous time and some of you who have the benefits of office Christmas parties can have more joy than others. Oh I can’t complain as for most of the year I’m in my Pjs eating leftovers whilst you do the commuter shuffle and smell people’s armpits on the way to work.

But this year my precious I’ve been invited to a work do! Playvybz are having a Christmas party and as a new radio host in 2012 I finally have the opportunity for some work based fun. I mean, let me be clear. It’s not a real office party as in its open to the public and it’s at a cool venue so chances are there are many more people for me to make a fool of myself with…..but it’s work related so it counts. I’ve not had many decent Christmas parties but then, I tend to treat many a normal night out like a free for all and ended up waking up in parts of town that I wouldn’t dream of going near in the sober day time. And therein lies the difference. Why wait for one time of the year to make a fool of yourself?

Like the time I woke up and I found bunk beds in my room and photos of black kids I didn’t know. It turns out that it wasn’t my room and that I was in a High rise near Angel. That was one long walk of shame starting with the lift back down to ground and a weekend long hangover.

Then there was the time I woke up mid shag and had to ask the guy who he was…he didn’t seem to know who he was either but he cooking me a lovely brunch the next morning.

Or the time I woke up on a sofa in my crush’s house and had thrown up on his sofa. I covered it with a pillow and ran out into the morning hoping to be run over by a milk float but, dreams don’t always come true Ms Gabrielle.

Or the time when an ex had to carry me from the party as I had mistaken another guy for him and proceeded to tongue him on the dance floor. He lived over a mile away and I wasn’t a cooperative drunk.

Or the time when a guy kindly offered to go down on me and after I got over the tickling from his beard I promptly fell asleep.

Wait hold on! Why am I assuming that I’m going to misbehave? I now have a fool proof plan to avoid drunken dialling half of London after cheap vodka in Notting Hill. I give my phone to the cabbie.

Ok so here’s the deal. I SHALL go to the party on 16th December and NOT get so drunk that I have to be dragged away by bouncers who get a quick grope in. Yes my precious that is my Christmas gift to you and the poor unsuspecting men of Brixton. So, if you are in the area and want to hang let me know and let’s make a plan. And if you decide to misbehave know that I will be there holding your hair back or a camera depending on how the evening goes.

To Christmas parties!!

The Big PlayVybz Christmas Party, Fri. 16th December @ Brixton Clubhouse, 469 Brixton Road, London SW9 8HH (a one-minute walk from Brixton tube on the Victoria line), from 8:30pm-3am with a Champagne and Canape Press/Music and Media Industry Reception from 6:30-8:30pm

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