Cabbie diaries part 4

Cabbie Diaries part 4

So do you remember back in April I met a cab driver and was talking to him for a few weeks then he was 3 hours late for a spontaneous date? I wrote 3 blogs on him here.Well he’s back.  It is difficult for me to describe Cabbie without referring to one of my made up words: Nigistence

Nigistence: An often male trait that I see a lot in Hollywood films where the person ignores what you say and do and just go with what they want anyway. Because they know better right? So you say you’re not interested and they believe that means that you are too stupid to know what you want because you are a woman. It comes from the marriage of the words Nigerian and persistence to reflect a pattern I’d experienced of West African men who possessed this attribute more than any other group of men I’ve met.  Ghanistence doesn’t have the same ring to it. With nigistence comes a disbelief that you wouldn’t want to talk or go out with them. There is a certain self confidence that some men have that is beyond description. Let’s just say their mothers have done an amazing job on their self esteem. They also tend to play the numbers games so the minute they realise you’re not buying what they’re selling (rubbish) you see them move onto the next victim with a shrug and not even a second thought. In some ways it’s admirable. But when you are the target not so much.

Bu, back to cabbie. He had told me that he had 6 women on the go so I know that when he and I stopped talking he wouldn’t give me a second thought. I was but a number to him. And then, black London being as small as it is I bumped into him a month later. He was on a date. We spoke briefly but to be honest there were no regrets on my side. My friends clocked him checking me out a couple of times after that but I didn’t have time for him. Like all focused women I was on the lookout for fresh bait. Sadly that night wasn’t to be my night. I blame myself. The event was in Kilburn.

Not giving it a second thought I didn’t even have the foresight to change his name from XXXX to Prick Headf*ck like I do all the others when he texted.

Let’s review. I hate texting at the best of times but when we aren’t on good or friendly terms I think it’s the rudest thing ever. The text conversation is below

Cabbie: Hi Chelsea, how are you? I’m heading your way fancy a quick hello??? 😉

Me: Nope. I don’t do spontaneity

Cabbie: Oh? I thought you said you did with half an hrs notice?

Me: (annoyance kicking in) 1st It was a couple of hours. 2nd after you it was retracted. Enjoy!

Cabbie: I’ve only just found out that I’m dropping a passenger on your road. There was no time to give you notice.

At this point my precious I checked myself. Why was I engaging with him when clearly I wasn’t interested. So I did what I should have done at the very beginning and ignored his text. Instead I went to have a bath

Then he called.

© Chelsea Black

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