Cabbie Diaries part 2

Conversations with Cabbie were never that relaxing at best. Yes he introduced me to a hilarious youtube video called The crimes of Daniel LeRusso (Karate Kid) but apart from that we didn’t seem to have much in common. He was overly sensitive to anything that suggested we were different and found me judgemental. I argued I knew what I liked and didn’t beat around the bush. He made some lewd bush comment which I pretended not to get. hmmmmm, would 80s movies be enough?

Initially he annoyed me by being the king of texting. I hate texting people I don’t know well. It is open to misinterpretation when you don’t know the person’s personality or humour well enough and besides, you are meant to be getting to know each other. Make the effort and pick up the bloody phone. I told cabbie that I wasn’t a texter and so as to avoid long conversations that weren’t going anywhere I suggested that he call me when he had a date planned? I then got a text with 13 different date scenarios including sport and whether or not I played as well as spectated. I was not impressed. So he essentially didn’t want to arrange the date? This wasn’t looking good.  I called him as clearly his phone didn’t like ringing out and explained that anything would be fine as long as I had enough notice and the right dress code. There is nothing worse than climbing football terraces in heels and sitting on those chairs in a tight ride up your butt dress. Trust me.

He texted me back and said did I like Nigerian food. I called him and said that no Nigerian was not the one for me. He then said he knew some restaurants in South East London. I patiently explained again that I needed to be within 45 minutes of my home on our first date. This therefore excluded North East and South East London. If he was struggling for a restaurant I would happily recommend a Nandos. He made a desparaging comment about Nandos which as a die hard I ignored. Nandos rocks.

He got sensitive and lost it at this point and so taking pity on him I invited him to be my plus one on an event the following Sunday. So Cabbie and I arranged to meet on the 29th   followed by a DVD night in the near future. I was starting to look forward to it because if nothing else he had the ability to make me laugh. That had to count for something right?

Oh maybe I don’t have that much of a sense of humour.

Part 3

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