Bound Benefits

A – Sexy B is for Bondage for him

There is always a dangerous point in a relationship where you run out pillow talk and then he turns to you and asks about your fantasies. You don’t say, a loving husband, a gaggle of noisy kids and a house off of Sloane Square. Trust me you will never see him again. Instead you mumble something exotic but not too taxing and then, being polite you ask him what his fantasies are.

Big mistake my precious. This is an area where men are a lot more focused. I’ve had everything from the 3sum with his roommate to the 3sum with a random woman to the transsexual fantasy (I didn’t have the heart to break it to him that this was one I couldn’t help him with) and then….. the bondage one.

Bondage is fine if you aren’t lazy like me. When you are the Dom you suddenly have to think of interesting things to do to him whilst he’s bound. At first I resented this. How DARE he make me do more work than I deemed heterosexually fair. But then I began to see some benefits to it. So if you’re up for it or he’s literally gagging for it here are a few benefits to Bondage for him:

Blindfold – there are some aspects of our bodies we don’t like. Blindfolding him means we don’t have to be self-conscious about those wobbly bits. Be careful you don’t get too complacent and take him out with a stray boob though.  They are sensitive. Which brings me onto …

Pain – No matter what they say men have a lower pain threshold than us women. Let’s not get started on that old is childbirth more painful than a kick in the balls. We both know who can take pain. Oh and most are ticklish so lose the feathers especially near feet. But bondage isn’t necessarily about pain. They also don’t usually like to let go of control.

Submission – a man that demonstrates that he trusts you with his most precious gift, his limp shrivelled dick is a man who deserves to be rewarded, no? That said he could just be lazy. Check for signs of a beer belly and softening muscles before giving him props on trust.

Dress up – I’ve searched high and I’ve searched low for the perfect male costume and the result is that nothing out there works. You want him naked and bound to the 4 corners of the bed. Male sex fashion really does have a long way to go. Talk about unforgiving. So lose the Ann Summers constumes my precious. Those willy warmers aren’t even comical.

Blowjobs – this is the perfect position to give him a blowjob cos he can’t use his hands to help steer you. You can basically do what you like. Good times which brings me neatly onto the subject of blowjobs. Back in a bit ….

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