African Fashion WEEK London

I forgot to review this event which was 2 weeks ago. My bad but this won’t take long. I promise:

1)      Don’t call it a week if it’s just 2 days. Might I suggest….a weekend?

2)      Lucky for you it was a beautiful day so people didn’t mind standing in the sun.

3)      Models in white bin liners selling ties? I don’t get it

4)      What’s with the bag designer who only had one shape of bag…?

5)      So African means printed clothes? Got it. So nothing innovative or new.

Besides that I think it’s fair to say that most of us use these events to bump into friends old and new, flirt and get our fashion look on. Thank god I had a date before (see marriage proposal) and an event on that evening so it wasn’t my only event.

But it’s the tricky second event. Third time lucky? Here’s hoping.

© Chelsea Black

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