A question of maths

A -Sexy B is for Big Dicks part 2

Science and attempts to soothe you aside the big question is does size matter. I’m not going to lie to you lads it does. I don’t care what the magazines say. It makes a difference. No one wants a monster cock for reasons I’ll go into later but, a chippolata isn’t going to satisfy the average woman. There has got to be A LOT of love in that there relationship. And imagination.  And dress up. And foreplay. And….I’m not really selling it am I?

Girth can make up for length but again sometimes we want to be able to vary it up and nothing says more versatility than a big cock. I don’t have the boobs to give a decent tit f*ck and so you won’t see me bother with this practise. I leave that to those who were gifted. Same way those who can’t excel in certain positions because let’s say they have to get past a few inches more of arse cheek….it’s gonna make a difference. Hey! I didn’t make the rules. Maths is always a right or wrong answer no matter how you get to it.

I just think if you are smaller then maybe women with Kylie butts are a better fit? We are just not going to be compatible…for more than one night. We women will always give it a go though cos we are nothing if not triers but if it’s a don’t call us we’ll not call you kind of ending…please, don’t fight it. Oh and sweetie, trying to squash in the balls….doesn’t work.

So to surmise, 2 men both relatively decent looking, intelligent and annoying with all the same qualities and potential but one has an 8 incher and the other with 5.  I can teach Mr 8 inches to be a good lover. Trust, I have a whole induction pack ready for him. I can’t teach 5 inches anything but how to make up for it in other ways. Or maybe I can…that induction plan just hasn’t been written yet.

But there can be too big….I’m gearing myself to tell you about Mr Big Stuff. Breathe woman, breathe!

© Chelsea Black

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