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A-Sexy B is for Blowjob cheats for women part 4


Before you commit to deep throating you need to ascertain how much of this you can get into your mouth. Best way is to have your mouth over the tip and see how far your tongue can go down the side. This is how much you can safely take in without gagging. Mark the spot where the tip of your tongue reaches and this is where your hands need to be if you don’t want to be ‘seduced’ into going any deeper. Some guys go for tears so be warned that your resolve will be tested.

You can also use various licking techniques during to moisten and give yourself a ‘breathing through the nose’ break. Maintain eye contact during these breaks so that he thinks you’re really into him and not bored or tired. It’s all about the role play after all.


He’s decided that it’s not a blowjob without you going in deep throat. This may suggest that he watches too much porn and you may want to review his collection. It will give you a clue as to what will come next.  This is the latest biggest sex con. Not only do we have to be penetrated down there we also have to be face f*cked too. It’s not easy being a woman. And then some of them complain about going down on you or a stray finger in their arse? Hmmmm,  I digress

If you want to avoid writing into one of those women’s magazines about your most embarrassing moment being when you threw up all over  his cock best you learn to manage it. The best is to  gargle or hum. Why do you think porn stars make all of those noises. Also makes them think you are much more into it. It tickles/vibrates the tip of his cock but also relaxes those sphincter like muscles. Try not to hum ‘I will survive’ and look like the whole experience is tantamount to the death chamber.

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