8 Ways of Being more open to love

I met up with family this weekend and the mandatory question came up about when I was going to get married / give them some babies. I told them to keep me in their prayers which was a polite way of telling asking them to do some of the labour in this bloody ridiculous dating market. I also promised them that I was being more open to love.

Whilst they get on my nerves as they think being married and impregnated are the only life goals it did make me think about ways I could try being more open to love. Sharing so those of you who are also thinking about dipping your toes in the proverbial pool are able to try some too. Here are 8 practical ways to being more open to love.

1)    Being more open to … star signs

Before 2022 I would only date 5 star signs. I have extended this to 8 but still will not date anyone who is Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius, Libra or Sagittarius. Wait, that only leaves me with 7. Ok 7 is still better than 5, right? I’ll review Libra and Aquarius in a year and see if I’ve changed my mind.

2)    Being more open to … race

So I have bravely chosen to include mixed race in my dating tick box. I know. This is huge for me as I need someone who is a politically Black as I am and don’t have time for allies. But I’m going to see. I still don’t think I can go complete coloniser though They can’t be completely European. I’m even open to them having Asian heritage. *pats self on back*

3)    Being more open to …gender

This is a lie. I’ve tried the women thing before and it’s just not for me. I don’t think this is the way to go for me but some of you out there may be thinking about it. Go forth and muff!

4)    Being more open to … sexuality

This has never bothered me before but let’s pretend I was one of those women who wouldn’t date bisexual guys before but now I will just so I can tell everyone that I am being more open

5)    Being more open to … location

I have expanded my search area beyond my 45 minute zone to 1 hour. Yes! I’m in the commuter zone time band as a nod to those who moved out of London during the Pandemic. You are welcome

6)    Being more open to …age

This is a tricky one but there are some mature youngsters who deserve a chance. One just has to remember not to wince when they don’t have the same references as you. As for older, there are a lot of young spirited or immature men so this is a given.

7)    Being more open to …income

This one isn’t for everyone and depends on your personal circumstances but if he’s self employed or making less than me I don’t dismiss them. Some women struggle with this one as they are thinking of maternity leave but I would wouldn’t throw out the whole man over what is essentially up to a year of mat. leave.

8)    Being more open to …vulnerability

Being more open to sharing without bleeding on people and vice versa is probably the most important of them all. I’m not sure how this one will work though but maybe we have to accept that we are all damaged goods and will come as works in progress. Just doesn’t mean we have to treat dating as therapy.

Next time I do a family weekend I can tell them all the fun changes I’ve made and see them look at me with renewed disapproval but, at least I’m trying, right?  

Happy summer dating!

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