2 week crush

2 week crush

The 2 week crush

You can see where this one is going by the title alone but, I’ll tell you anyway. So as you know a couple of weeks ago I had a hot and heavy crush. I say hot and heavy as, said I was hot and I thought, how, I’m way too heavy. You know how it goes.

He was the guy that I don’t think many people looked at. Then they all turned 30 and he became the pick of the litter

It was all textual as we had known each other for way too long and didn’t need to speak on the phone. This is what I told myself. When you’re that connected facebook and twitter and text are enough. You don’t need to speak to each other every day. That’s just too needy. Besides, it was the world cup. I know better than to call a guy after work with the time difference and punishing schedule of the group stages. Yes, my precious, I think of everything

It started last summer when he stood me up. I thought it was just a brunch between friends but after being stood up I felt hurt…like a date would feel hurt and I figured that I must like him more than I thought. He promptly disappeared for 3 months before the obligatory text to make sure you still exist. I had even removed his number out of my phone so I didn’t know who was texting me. He thought this was rude and disappeared again.

But, a new year and a few weecrushks ago I decided to reengage. We had been friends after all. And he had a job. It’s the little things. He seemed pleased to hear from me and we quickly turned from catch up to flirt mode. It was daily, I’d named our children in our head and things were going well. Hell, even Mama Black was hopeful. There was nothing glaringly wrong with him aside from the standing up the year before. She was a tad concerned about him being a Scorpio but that didn’t bother me. As long as he wasn’t a Gemini like the ex I was winning.

Summer came and I took to going to my other office otherwise known as the park. This seems to irritate him. He had job envy? What the….

Things were going well with morning, arvo and last night texts. He kept suggesting we meet and I said sure. He would suggest it again and I would say yes. Eventually he suggested it and I told him to tell me when and where.

Then, just like that one night he disappeared. I texted and I never heard from him again. There’s facebook so I know he’s not dead but he just stopped texting.

Normally this would lead to hours of analysis but I’ve figured something other the years. When a man suddenly changes his behaviour or disappears it has nothing whatsoever to do with you. Either he’s found somebody else he prefers or he’s not interested. Either way, I can’t crush somebody who can’t be honest and tell me what’s going on. I have crush standards.

I half hoped he had been in a minor accident. Just this once I wanted him to have a legitimate excuse but, I’ll let you know in 10 weeks when he’s scheduled to check in with me and pretend once again that he never disappeared.

And herein lies the problem with dating wastemen. They just can’t tell you what’s going on.

© Chelsea Black 2014


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