10 signs you may not be a tinder match

Signs you may not be a tinder match just from your photos:

1) Sedated lion, tiger, snake. Let them be free an wild!
2) Photos with children that you didn’t birth. Why are they online with you when your 3-8 aren’t anywhere to be seen?
3) Photos with you outside a car. Is it yours or are you still #TeamOysterCard like most of us? Am I meant to be impressed?
4) Only white friends and/or women. Like dude, you don’t have cousins and shit? That one work colleague even if they aren’t in the same team?
5) A photo of a bottle of laurent perrier by itself. Yes it’s pink and may appeal to the ladies but, why is this your calling card ?
6) All serious faced photos with not one smile. I’ll assume gold front teeth.
7) Only head shots. I have female friends who are selfie goddesses. I know what this means. Accept your budda belly like we have to
8) You on a camel or with your finger on top of a famous something. Eiffel tower, a pyramid, Taj Mahal, holding up the Pisa Tower….sigh.
9) a chest shot with you crouched over to make it look like you and the gym didn’t break up 12 years ago (that’s when we split up too. Ooooh look! Something in common)

10) Click bait memes about what a good woman wants from a real man followed by a titty / booty image. Er, yeah no.

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