Who is really being cheated MAFSUK update

As Married at First Sight UK (MAFSUK) hits the half way points the producers and Contents Director have run out of the Just when we didn’t think the ratings reach could get anymore desperate we have cheating outside of the hot tub. It has been revealed that Whitney, a PA from St. Albans cheats with Matt, a barber. But this plot twist begs the question on who is really being cheated on MAFSUK.


I’ve spoken of this before. Yes the show needed to be supersized as quite clearly 3 couples were too few. So now we have 8 couples. Well 10 as 2 have fallen out already. And I agree with the need to bring in new couples later in the experiment as, why not? But with supersizing comes the problem of more and more chance of their being personality clashes and issues.

Fame Whoring

It was obvious from jump that some people were on here to further their career and promote themselves. Others may have actually wanted a relationship but that has been lost. April is promoting her dress designs. Kwame, a podcast and Whitney, well just Whitney. I think she is meant to be the bad bitch brand.

Group Dynamics

OK so the dinner parties have never really worked. Stolen from the Australian format they are alcohol fueled and problematic as people are vying for screen time. Let’s be honest, this is the basis for shows like Big Brother. What newly married couple would spend this much time with other newly weds. I prefer the USA version where it’s all about integrating them back into their own lives and families as soon as possible. The cast tend to be younger and unencumbered but, it works.


The reason you will see increased cheating is that as more and more group activities happen so does the concept that people are here to date and choose. They aren’t happy with their own partner and see that the grass is greener elsewhere. This is why dating apps don’t work for many. There are too many options and it’s easy to think that not fancying your partner as much means you can choose someone else. Matt and Whitney seem like an unlikely pairing until you remember that Whitney said she wanted big, tall with a beard. I guess that was enough.

Ratings Matter

Essentially, whilst they call this a social experiment, this is a reality TV show. It is not a dating show however and this seems to be forgotten. This is meant to be an insight into what happens when ‘experts’ match you instead of you allowing your index finger to do the swiping. But what we are seeing is evidence of why so many of the contestants on here are single. There is something missing here and most don’t know how to relationship at all.

And the viewers?

What they fail to realise is that these shows are not just reality TV fodder. We want to see relationships that work, stumble then work again. I love reading about the ones in Australia or USA which are still working and have gone on to have proper weddings, possibly kids, and a life outside of the show. Last season we saw 2 couples succeed in MAFSUK but this year we will be lucky to have one.

Alas, I think the audience are the ones who have truly been cheated by this season of Married at First Sight UK and that doesn’t feel great. Maybe it’s time for us to break up with this format?

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